The statistics are shocking.

There have been more opioid-related deaths in Cuyahoga County than anywhere else in Northeast Ohio.  Deaths across Northeast Ohio have increased by 125% since 2015.  Even more disturbing, the majority of people dying are young, losing their hope and lives in their formative years. It is a community crisis of epidemic proportions.

Stella Maris is at ground zero.

  • 91% of all Stella Maris’ clients were treated for opioids alone or in combination with other substances
  • Our clients come from every city and suburb of our region
  • The majority of Stella Maris’s clients are 18-34 years old

Yet, Stella Maris’ programs rebuild lives.  Our outcomes speak for themselves….

  • 29% MORE of our detox clients complete their care compared to other Ohio facilities
  • 72% of Stella Maris’ clients in the partial hospitalization program complete their program compared to 42% nationally
  • 80% of our clients leave Stella Maris’ supportive housing and go directly into employment, education or vocation program

The need is now. Our results are proven.  But we need more space to serve more people. Our community is in crisisas the opioid epidemic devastates lives and families, without discrimination for race, gender or socio-economics.  This crisis requires solutions from public and private agencies and for many years to come.

Our response is a shovel-ready facilities expansion to serve more than two thousand more people each year.  Our waiting list is long, and our current facility is limited in its capacity. Donor support for this $5M building campaign will make treatment and recovery possible for thousands more people who cannot wait another day to begin healing or rebuilding.

group counseling session

Our first response: Interim Expansion

  • In the last few years, we’ve creatively stretch our existing Ohio City facilities to use every square foot possible for treatment and ongoing recovery programs.
    • Moved and consolidated staff offices to create private in-take rooms
    • Eliminated staff offices in the men’s dormitory to add more housing rooms
    • Doubled and tripled staff in offices to create space renovated into the partial hospitalization program
    • Added two off-campus houses for much-needed clean and sober long-term housing for clients on the Stella Maris continuum of care
  • In October of 2018, we brought temporary structures to our parking lot to consolidated our intake and some administrative offices to create space inside our building for more detox center beds.
Stella Maris Central Intake

Our needed response: Permanent Expansion

  • A new 12,000 square foot facility greatly expand and enhance care in our detox center.
    • expand the number of people served in our detox center
    • create permanent space for centralized intake offices
    • provide staff offices and work spaces that increase productivity and client-centered care
    • include a gym for our clients’ well-being
  • Renovation of our current buildings to provide more space for outpatient programs.
  • Expanded gathering space to serve the hundreds of recovery groups meeting here weekly.
Stella Maris New Building

Rendering of the existing Detoxification Unit façade restoration.

Join the response

We turn to the community to join us in the response. Together, we can rebuild lives for thousands of more people.

Total project budget = $5.5M
Groundbreaking = Summer 2019

The ADAMHS Board has provided important fundingto realize the interim solutions that immediately, but temporarily, increase capacity.

The State of Ohio recognizes the importance of the permanent expansion and has appropriated $750,000 to the permanent expansion. Stella Maris’ Board of Directors has committed $750,000 from the organization’s reserves as well.

Stella Maris front detail

Conceptual rendering of the new treatment center.

At Stella Maris, we rebuild one purpose-filled life at a time.

Join us.  In today’s crisis.  And for whatever comes next.
“When I went into Stella Maris, I honestly believed there was no hope for someone like me.  I thought there was no way I could have a life of meaning.  I was proven wrong.  I have a beautiful life today.  I could never express the gratitude for the staff at Stella Maris. Without their help, I truly believe, had I been lucky enough to stay alive, I would be completely lost and existing only because of my want for the next fix” – Client

Stella Maris front view

Aerial view of the new treatment center on the Stella Maris campus.

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Conceptual rendering of the new treatment center.