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The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

Addiction is an isolating disease. It can make you feel separated from the community, friends and family. That’s why, in 2003, Stella Maris opened The Coffee Shop in the Gallagher Center, staffed by volunteers who are in recovery. It’s a sober social setting where you’ll meet people who are in recovery, who have transitioned to independence and who are from the wider community.

Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, it’s also the entry point to the auditorium where most of the 29 weekly Stella Maris 12-Step meetings are held. These draw current clients plus people in recovery from throughout Northeast Ohio, from all walks of life.

Family members are welcome in The Coffee Shop. If you are not on restriction*, you can meet your family there in an informal but recovery-oriented setting.

*Restriction is part of our program only for some residents of our supportive housing dormitory.

For questions about The Coffee Shop at Stella Maris, please contact Dave Rogers at (216) 727-2056.

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