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Withdrawal Management (Detoxification)

Withdrawal Management (Detoxification)

Withdrawal Management – AKA “Detox” (3.7 ASAM) - The Stella Maris Withdrawal Management unit consists of 20 beds in a freestanding facility that provides 24-hour care and intervention of withdrawal management and associated symptoms to clients.  Some of the features of this service include clinical counseling, medical care by licensed professionals specializing in Substance Use Disorders, laboratory and toxicology testing, medication management, peer support, and group therapy.  Licensed and credentialed counselors provide therapeutic services, case management, and crisis intervention 7 days a week.   Discharge planning with the client begins upon admission, to help identify and secure an individual’s next step in their recovery.    

Target Population 

Adult, all-gender 18 years of age or older.   

Current DSM5 substance withdrawal diagnosis and/or meeting diagnostic criteria for diagnosis (alcohol, opioids, sedatives/hypnotics/anxiolytics).   

Medical conditions that do not require hospitalization and are being managed appropriately with medication and/or treatment under the care of a medical professional.     

Clients with severe psychiatric disorders must be stabilized prior to consideration for admission.     

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