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Residential Program - Now Open!

Residential (3.5 ASAM)- The Stella Maris Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Unit consists of one free-standing unit, currently housing 12 identified males, with plans to expand to 16 beds for identified males and 16 beds for identified females in 2022.   This program addresses the needs of clients with co-occurring disorders and non-life-threatening medical needs, in addition to a Substance Use Disorder and focuses on integrating multi-disciplinary treatment modalities, to provide clients a more holistic experience of care.  Clients will receive treatment from a team that includes a Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed and Credentialed Counselors, Nurses, Case Managers, Peer Recovery Supporters, and Techs.  The Residential Program is trauma-informed and incorporates evidence-based practices, including daily therapeutic group counseling, psycho-educational groups, case management, urine screens, medication management, psychiatric services, primary care services, peer support services, and linkage to further treatment post completion.  The average length of stay is approximately 28 days, or until the client no longer meets criteria for Level 3.5 services.    

Target Population 

Adult, all-gender, 18 years of age or older.   

Current DSM5 substance withdrawal diagnosis and/or meeting diagnostic criteria for diagnosis (alcohol, opioids, sedatives/hypnotics/anxiolytics).   

Medical conditions that do not require hospitalization and are being managed appropriately with medication and/or treatment under the care of a medical professional.     

Clients with severe psychiatric disorders must be stabilized and not currently  experiencing audio or visual hallucinations, prior to consideration for admission.      

Significant treatment needs in emotional, behavioral, and cognitive conditions or a  significant history of trauma. 

Significant need for change in living environment, primary relationships, or ability to  manage in the community (characterized by a significant legal history, problems in  educational history, and problems in work history). 

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services are provided by Psychiatric Networks. For more information please visit

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